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Fast - The method of STR therapy that we employ provides for rapid pain reduction, muscle re-education and allows the body to heal itself the way it naturally wants to. This is why STR provides the most rapid results of any modality in use today; the same results obtained by the world's fastest sprinters and professional athletes
Specific - Through the use of active isolated stretching techniques, STR therapy provides for the relief of chronic or acute muscle pain, aches, tightness and spasms; particularly in normally hard to treat areas. Finding the exact source of pain (as opposed to what is called "referred" pain), is key to obtaining relief that is long lasting and permanent. 

Effective - The rapid re-education and specific protocols of STR provide for the most effective and permanent results of any other modality. Client stretching homework is given so that the motivated patient need never be in pain again.

Conditions Benefited:
Chronic low back pain: including Piriformis Syndrome and the referred problems of Quadratus Lumborum; Whiplash injuries: including Levator Scapular, Scalenes, general neck pain; pain "between the shoulder blades" due to repetitive use problems involving Rhomboids, mid and upper traps; Sports injuries: including plantar facitis, heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, hamstring, quad, and IT band problems, and adductor and groin injuries; Carpal tunnel pain and other repetitive use injuries such as tennis/golfers elbow, rotator cuff, and frozen shoulder problems Fibromyalgia and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 
Benefits to Industry:
Blue Shield and Blue Cross, one of the largest insurance companies on the west coast estimated that the average Carpal Tunnel claim costs between $20 and $100 thousand dollars. Using our techniques, most carpal tunnel problems are helped in one or two treatments, thereby alleviating the need for surgery. Because this is only a one or two treatment program, the potential cost savings to industry is enormous.